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Multidisciplinary artist. Directs

ENVERS COMPAGNIE benchmark of independent creation which since 1991 imagines literature, cinema, live shows, performances, radio plays, ice installations.


Posthumous , 16mm, 1994.

Va , 35mm, from Casanova, with Yann Collette, at the MK2 Beaubourg cinema in Paris, at the Lu factory in Nantes, between 1999 and 2001, during the Paris Cinema festival at the MK2 Quai de Seine in 2003.

Out of the blue , 52mn video produced by Play Films, Envers Compagnie, La Muse en Circuits and Artistes & Associés, 2003.

Paraïso , 11 mn video produced by Envers Compagnie, 2001.

If a swallow doesn't make spring, which swallow? video 1h34, in co-production with Artistes & Associés, 2007.

Apocalypse 2,2 , 20mn video produced by Envers Compagnie, 2009.

Lightning, a legend in four seasons , 3H50 produced by Mezzanine Films and Envers Compagnie - Selected at the 2013 Rotterdam International Film Festival (Bright Future section) and at the 2013 Tmobile New Horizons Festival (Poland), at the Moscow Media Forum Festival (June 2013) at the St Petersburg Festival (September 2013), at the Pune and Yashwant Festival in India (January 2014), at the Detour on the Road and Overlook 2014 Festival in Rome, Italy (December 2014). Screened for the first time in Morocco at Esav in Marrakech on January 22, 2015 Selected at the Cinemistica Festival in Granada in 2019.

Award for the best feature film.

Edition of the DVDS SHELLAC .

Another world - those who arrive by sea - a cinematographic essay, color video, 33 'produced by Envers Compagnie, 2016.

In Official Selection at the Hong Kong Art House Film Festival, Roma Cine Doc, Best Film Award at the Detour on the Road Festival, Rome 2016, in competition at the Mediterranean Film Festival and the Madeira Film Festival (Portugal) In Competition in the Video Art Section of the Festival Côté Court de Pantin 2017. Grand Prix of the Festival Flight of Genoa, 2020.

My name is / I ask for the moon , color video, 59 'produced in collaboration with Lucile Latour, produced by Envers Compagnie, 2017. Selected at the UN STATE OF THE WORLD Festival 2017 at the Forum des Images, Paris.

For Waad , video, 58 ', 2021.

To be continued: Farewell , a one word film with Clotilde Courau, based on a philosophical short story by Balzac.

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Mathieu Bompoint began his career alongside Frédérique Dumas (Oscar for best foreign film with No Man's Land by Danis Tanovic).

Together, they produced the documentary Enquête sur le monde invisible by Jean-Michel Roux (selected at Sundance and Toronto). He then worked with Sylvie Pialat on several films, including Julie Gavras' first film, La Fault à Fidel.

Within Mezzanine Films , he produced more than 50 short and 10 feature films, awarded at prestigious French and international festivals including La belle vie by Jean Denizot (Venice) Gorge Coeur Ventre by Maud Alpi (Locarno and winner of the Louis Delluc 1er prize film), Douze Mille by Nadège Trébal.

He is the producer of LIGHTNING a legend in four seasons of Manuela Morgaine.

He has accompanied films by committed authors.

With Utopie Films, he is developing new audiovisual formats (series and single) and international co-productions.
He is also a teacher at the Sorbonne Nouvelle, and lecturer at La Fémis.

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              ANNIE PIERRE

               Chief editor


Pour Waad de Manuela Morgaine

(Envers et Compagnie et Utopie FIlms)

Je t'aime déjà de Elise McLeod

Songlines de Elise McLeod

(Respiro Productions)

Water is Gold Here de Valentin Coutelis (GREC)

Un film abécédaire de Eléonore Saintagnan (Red Shoes)

Les Malchanceux de Eléonore Saintagnan (Red Shoes)

Matsutani de Philippe Jubard

(Paris I Sorbonne)

Des sables dessinés d'Antoni Collot

(Liaison Cinématographique)

Même pas mal de Christophe Léman

Des Hommes de Romain Cogitore

(Les Films à un Dollar)

Concerto de Romain Cogitore

Schyzo de Julien Sère

Entretiens avec William Christie et Heinz Holliger de Hélène Pierrakos

(Les films de l'Oeil Sauvage)

Teasers "Paris à tout prix" de Yves Jeuland (Compagnie des Phares et Balises)





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